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Solutions for predictive maintenance and condition monitoring

smart plastics® allow quick, efficient action

In the future, automation solutions across industries will not be able to do without digitalisation concepts. If you want to entirely network the machines in your manufacturing plant with the internet of things (IoT) in order to be Industry 4.0 compatible and optimise such items as maintenance, you will need time and money.
A digitalisation strategy that begins by connecting and networking individual assemblies and components is faster and costs much less. Plant operators benefit immediately from smart component connectivity: status monitoring for automated plant can be implemented in real time without additional personnel, and maintenance can be organised predictively.
The term "smart plastics®" is used to refer to components such as e-chain systems®, chainflex® cables for dynamic applications, and dry-tech® polymer bearings that, when equipped with connectivity and sensors, make complex automation solutions Industry 4.0 compatible. Another advantage is that smart plastics® can work classically (offline), but always have the option of use in networked online processes.

Configure igus® smart plastics solutions

Predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance

Maintain machines and equipment proactively before shutdown or quality losses occur.

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Condition monitoring

Condition Monitoring

Increased safety and machine efficiency due to regular or permanent detection of the condition of machines

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New products in 2020

EC.PP new

EC.PP trough-integrated travel measuring system

more about EC. PP
EC.I.SU.02 new

EC.I.SU.02 service life monitoring for all
e-chain® installation types

more about EC. I. SU.02
EC.PR new

EC.PR position-dependent push/pull force measurement

iSense EC PR
EC.W.06 new

EC.W.06 crossbar for online lifetime monitoring

more about EC. W.06

FAQ & Integration

What are igus smart plastics? What is Industry 4.0? In our blog, you will find answers to the most frequent questions on this topic:

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The most fascinating projects with igus smart plastics


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